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Last night, the idea came about to write a Piccolo and Contrabass Flute duet. I don't know what the two instruments will play over, but for now I'm assuming Flute Choir. It's funny to think that two years ago I was finalizing the music for "Equinox". This will be the first large scale work I will have written since then, but I think this will give me a challenge.

The idea started with a small comment about whether a picture was meant to say it's time to start composing for the Contrabass, which then led to whether or not to write for it and Piccolo. From there, I thought about what would be the likely thought. What thought was that?

Hey, why did you bother to write something for Piccolo and Contrabass, especially since they are three octaves apart?

It does sound crazy - so my mind started to think about other "characters" that are put together but it's not the best idea in the plot. That finally led me to Romeo and Juliet. Hence, the title of "Forbidden" - just as Romeo and Juliet meet, fall in love, but are from different families who are not typically about to coexist, the Piccolo and Contrabass will represent characters who meet, fall in love, etc.

It won't be an exact copy of the plot of the play - God forbid I pull in Alto Flute for Mercutio, or something else for Tybalt. But, it will be close enough that I could say it's a programmatic version of the tragedy.

Although barely a snippet in the above image, it's an interesting start. I don't usually jump right to 3 sharps. But that's okay...because shortly after this, I jumped to 3 flats.

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