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Originals for Wind Ensemble

Anthem Unrelenting



Written as an inversion and retrograde of the National Anthem and meant to be a follow-on piece, Anthem Unrelenting has a very majestic feel.

Soaring Against the Sky

Grade 4


This piece was written following the death of a member of a local community band who had played with them for many years. I came to respect the man and felt that the band needed something to show their acknowledgement of all that he had done for the group over the years to continue spreading the music he loved.

Storm and Calm

Grade 4.5


This is a piece that I composed after hearing that two of my friends were fighting and I was being pulled both ways in the conversation. I felt very conflicted about the whole situation, and I tried my best to vent those confused feelings through the music that I was hearing during all of it. I was amazed at what transpired when they both heard the piece. It seemed to bring them to a new understanding of sorts, getting them to see how their conflict had begun to damage those around them. While I try not to dwell on what the piece evolved from, it's a constant remind that even the biggest problems can be resolved with the most miraculous of solutions.

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