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Originals for Clarinet Ensembles

Instrumentation Labels:

- Letters used are listed in order of high to low (Eb - E-flat Clarinet, Al. - E-flat Alto, Bs. - B-flat Bass). If no letter is used, those are the standard B-flat Clarinet.

- Numbers are used to denote the number of parts for a given instrument, if more than one. (2Eb would mean 2 E-flat Clarinets, while Eb by itself means a single E-flat Clarinet part)

- If a value is listed between ( and ), those parts are considered to be optional.

Example: 2Eb/3(2)/Al.(Al.)/Bs. would mean there are:

- 2 required E-flat Clarinet parts

- a total of 5 B-flat Clarinet parts where 2 are optional

- a total of 2 E-flat Alto Clarinet parts where 1 is optional

- a required B-flat Bass Clarinet part

Overture for the Holidays

[HOLIDAY] - (Eb)/4/Al/Bs


There's always a need for a majestic opening for any performance, whether it be at the start of the show or as a piece to break up different portions of a show. This work was written while a light snow was falling, and serves to highlight the light and fluffy nature. It's an easy-going piece which should be easy to work up without much rehearsal time needed.

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