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F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

Welcome to my website. I'm not big on flashiness (or, as some people might call it, "sparkly"), so I've tried to keep this website straight to what you are looking for. I compose for small and large ensembles, but my main focuses are on small choirs (such as Flute) and various sizes of bands. I grew up in high school on band music, and there are elements from my studies of that genre of music which exist in everything I create.


So, welcome to my musical home!



While August saw a big push (see below), September has been a little laid back. I've worked a lot on the standard template that I use, and I'm slowly going back through all of my works and will be updating information and working on videos to post.

New Flute Choir releases for August 2017:

- Christmas Time Is Here

- Do You Hear What I Hear

- Here Comes Santa Claus

- I'll Be Home For Christmas

- Megalovania (from Undertale)

- Overture for the Holidays

- Ukrainian Bell Carol

- We Built This City

- We Need A Little Christmas

- White Christmas- You Can't Stop The Beat

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